(Another) Cloud Survey

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(Another) Cloud Survey

Big headline on SacBee: "Global Savvis Study Finds Culture Shift on IT Outsourcing, Cloud Computing - More than Half of IT Decision Makers Admit Regret on In-House Infrastructure Purchases."

here are some highlights:

"3 in 5 IT and business decision makers agree that owning and operating in-house IT infrastructure drives costs higher and wastes resources, according to an annual study from Savvis, a CenturyLink company."

"Momentum for cloud computing continues, as 85% of organizations today use private and public cloud for storage, big-data analytics and other applications."

Then I saw this: "Savvis commissioned international research firm Vanson Bourne to conduct the survey among 550 IT and business decision makers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore." That is less than 100 companies per country. It is kind of an insignificant number to most, unless you guess that the 550 companies represent the Top Prospects for Savvis.

More and more of these surveys are being done and the survey size is normally small. A small sample size means that the data may be bias or skewed towards a market segment.

2 in 5 = 40% of these 550 thing in-house IT is the way to go. Is that like the fifth dentist who doesn't want to recommend Trident? Probably not. It may mean that not everyone will go to cloud -- or will go to Private Cloud and not call it that.

The good thing is if you ARE selling cloud this is yet one more survey that you can point to as a way to say, "You are missing the boat! Jump on this cloud bandwagon now!"

Don't forget we have this survey of 1000 adults by Wakefield for Citrix " shows that while 97% use the cloud for one task or another, they don't really know what it is". Mostly what this survey says is that there is still a lot of education to be done in the marketplace before more cloud sales are made.

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