Some Moves That May Seem Like News

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Some Moves That May Seem Like News

Who is going 100G? Both XO and Spread Networks announced its deployment of 100G technology. The surprise? Bright House Networks announced that it will extend its relationship with Fujitsu and utilize that vendor for 100G in its metro network.

Comcast is going after E-Rate business - through the channel! They will be trying to hit the ILEC's in the breadbasket with this move. The RBOCs are most vulnerable here since neither ATT nor VZ allow agents to sell e-rate.

Comcast hits its 20th state with Business VoiceEdge, its Broadsoft based cloud-based voice and unified communications solution, in California. Competitors need to pay attention, since Comcast sells inexpensive Hosted PBX on its own network -- read No QoS issues!

TelePacific has made its SmartVoice PRI, SIP and business-line services available on a nationwide basis.

EarthLink already has an MVNO deal with Sprint from Deltacom. Now ELNK has a wholesale agreement with Clearwire for "high-speed fixed and mobile broadband service to consumers."

FairPoint taps marketing exec Barbara Dondiego as new CMO. Not picking on Dondiego - and don't know her - but she hasn't worked at any successful telcos - DeltaCom, WilTel, and MacLeod - so BK or bought.

MetTel hits 100K seats of Broadsoft. This makes them 5th by my calculations: Comcast has about 300K; 8x8 has about 210K; M5/Shoretel Sky has about 140K; and West IP has about 100K approximately.

TiVo settled with VZ for $250M over patent dispute over DVR software. VZ TV is now at 4.5 million subs - and will pay monthly licensing fees for those subs to TiVo. VZ also "agreed to pay CloudTV developer ActiveVideo more than $260 million over the video-on-demand feature." This has something to do with the VZ-Redbox video streaming lab test.

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Larry Lisser is prepping for another awesome StartupCamp Comms at ITEXPO this week, but still put out a blog post. Note that Evolve IP bought IPiphany and Nuance scooped up Ditech - for the Phonetag service.

Twilio has new money and a new CMO. Oh, and a deal with ATT.

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