Sprint Missed the Boat

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Sprint Missed the Boat

MetroPCS was in a hurry to get hitched. With 30 fast approaching, MetroPCS dated Sprint then got engaged to T-Mobile USA. Gary Kim has a nice graph of how T-Mobile will still be 4th after this acquisition, but a closer 4th.

No one is bemoaning the GSM-CDMA issues that lie ahead - and they do. The experts are overlooking the fact that T-Mobile is still reeling from over two years of low morale while pitching itself to get bought. Now it will have to find the energy to buy MetroPCS and integrate it while building out a nationwide 4G network. (And still be 4th.)

I'm calling this one: it will be a smaller version of Sprint-Nextel. No offense to new CEO John Legere, but this merger will be a bear and he didn't even get to pick out the color of the carpeting in his office yet! (Let alone take stock of what Humm left him.)

CNBC has the announcement that MetroPCS approves the merger.

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