This May Hurt

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This May Hurt

I notice that more companies are getting smart and putting women in the C-suite. IBM has quite a few female SVP's and a new female CEO. Yahoo has a new female CEO. Facebook has a smart COO who needs a CEO gig.

That being said companies that are hiring old telecom people -- people that have been in telecom a long time - will have a hard time going cloud. Why? Telecom is linear. Cloud is mesh thinking. It takes Net-Heads to implement and sell cloud services. Traditional telecom people are Bell-heads - different kind of thinking. It's kind of like men are good for grasping telecom/TDM, but women are better at social media and cloud.

How are the telco people who produced average results in network access going to help you knock it out of the ball park in cloud?

Just my two cents.

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