Where's Your Special Sauce?

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Where's Your Special Sauce?

Just saw a blog post about a company rolling out SIP Trunking to meet the market demand for low cost dial-tone. Really? Hasn't that been done? Over and over and over by so many companies?

I get the market wants to lower prices, but it also means lower margin. I also get that your "sales" efforts are easier with low price, but order taking only works if you are the lowest price and beat the current provider by 20% (according to studies). So can you do that? Can you scale it? Low price doesn't work with a couple of hundred customers.

Today, every telecom company offers SIP trunks in one form or another. How about adding Special Sauce to that? The Big Mac is just a double cheeseburger without the special sauce. How will you add something of value that will make your SIP offering different, stand out, special or even remarkable? Why can't you shoot for that instead of low price?

Want an example? Here.

The other factor in SIP Trunks is interoperability. Can you inter-op with enough models of PBX? Do you have a list? Are you supporting HD Voice? Do you bypass the TDM tandems in order to provide end-to-end IP service for Fax over IP and HD Voice?

Then there is the other side of this low price: Quality and Reliability. At low price, there is no way you can be geographically redundant. We have seen low priced VoIP before - it sounds like a tin can.

I just can't understand this industry's obsession with low price. It is so lazy.

Do you think you can deliver SIP trunks cheaper, faster and of better quality than Cable?

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