An Agent's take on Level3

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An Agent's take on Level3

"Telecom is no stranger to change." Moreso today than ever, huh? Yesterday, Chris Palermo of GCN, a telecom brokerage firm, was on a panel with Level3 discussing the Global Crossing-Level3 integration at Microcorp's One-on-One event.

Palermo gave some advice to agents that they can't be complacent, that they need to Adapt to survive.

Palermo constantly asks "Where is the next thing going?"

On the GC-L3 Integration, Palermo noted that orders were taking longer. It was noted by the L3 team that there was more integration work to do and that it takes time to get done. Good to know that they know that.

Palermo notes that with the merger, he has been able to reach more areas like Asia and South America with less restrictions in order to sell services globally. He also stated that the merger represented a lot of Potential for Level(3). I have to ask: "When will we actually see that potential cash in?"

Last piece of advice from Palermo: Ask your customers what their competitors are doing. It makes for an interesting conversation.

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