Moves and Changes This Week

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Moves and Changes This Week

Cisco announced plans to acquire Meraki, a managed Wi-Fi company, for about $1.2B.

Broadsoft announced UC One and now Rich Communications Services (RCS) to be added to its BroadCloud SAAS platform. [UCStrategies]

After Softbank put $20B into Sprint, Sprint turns around and buys some US Cellular markets for $480M. Consolidation - that's all we have left as an industry.

RUMOR! Google and DISH launching wireless network! This is the rumor, since the FCC is about to rule on spectrum that DISH controls (40 MHz of MSS S-band spectrum in the 2 GHz band, that the FCC renamed AWS-4). This spectrum may get cropped and added to the H-block auction. Should have an FCC announcement by Thanksgiving.

Right now, One in five smart phones sold in the U.S. is from the Samsung Galaxy series. I guess the $1B patent fine was nothing!

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