Will Sandy Rain on Cloud Adoption?

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Will Sandy Rain on Cloud Adoption?

Storm Sandy has flooded NYC and taken out power, which has resulted in quite a few data centers to have operational issues (i.e., stop working). The data centers experiencing outages include 75 Broad Street; 33 Whitehall (Cogent); 882 3rd Ave (nLayer, XO, Cogent, Verizon, Sidera and AT&T); 111 8th Ave (Voxel, Internap); and 121 Varick. [Paetec/Windstream are having outages but no idea what data center these use. Info about outages from slashdot, CNN and here.]

This is a massive outage - and I have to wonder why the lessons of both 9/11 in NYC and Katrin in New Orleans have yet to be applied.

That said, will this disaster cause people to more likely adopt cloud or shy away from it?

Some responses from the VoIP community:

"It could encourage companies to pay attention to their Operations team and build geographically diverse POP's that can handle a disaster in another in a different region." Shouldn't they have learned that in 9/11/2001 and again in 2005 for Katrina?

"Overall I predict a huge uptick in cloud migration. The people whose buildings and servers are under water or cut off from the world will see the value of having that off-site." That may lead to collocation sales, not cloud sales.

"The cloud companies who only had one data center and are now flooded will be out of business shortly. Just like the VoIP companies that are in that situation." Good point.

"People will be attuned to the conceptual irony of the fact that clouds are bad for cloud computing?" Which was one of the survey results from Citrix - consumers think cloudy days affect cloud services. well, 75 mph winds and high tide certainly do! Hard to believe in 2012 that data centers still have required gear in the basement!

The irony is that some of the companies with outages sell disaster recovery!

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