The War on Privacy

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The War on Privacy

What are the F-Agencies doing about privacy? Nothing.

Facebook was caught following users' every movement on the web. If Facebook is open in a tab, it is tracking you - even movements in other browser tabs!

How AT&T and Verizon manipulate your smart phone. The two cellcos own most of the market. ATT just activated 10M phones in 4Q2012. VZW activated 9.8M. They collude on pricing - when one makes any pricing move, the other follows suit.

The VZ gets hacked - and VZ denies it!

And it gets crazier: VZ Wants to Track Your Movements While You Watch TV!

What happened to Do Not Track and other privacy measures? I know. I am old school. Online privacy is long gone.

And as we are increasingly tethered to our smartphones, we are tracked, followed, and stalked by the carriers, the apps makers and the government. Minority Report anyone?

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