Why is Telecom So Old?

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Why is Telecom So Old?


Saw this picture on twitter. It made me think about the lack of innovation from the telcos.

For example. cellular and DSL technologies were discovered by Bell Labs in the 1960s, but didn't to market until decades later. And it usually wasn't by AT&T -- it was from a market disruptor. Think Covad for business DSL; Yipes for Ethernet; and Vonage for VoIP.

The ILECs launched Centrex but only recently started to offer IP Centrex - or Hosted PBX as we call it today, despite Broadsoft's second customer rolling it out in Tampa in 2003.

In most cases, the innovation is in the devices. Handsets add all of the coolness to cellular service. Wireless AP's add the utility to broadband modems.

Just food for thought.

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