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We are watching the sunset of many things in telecom. The PSTN, growth, innovation, copper plant.

While there is much change going on in the industry, a lot hasn't changed.

VZ just pumped almost $350M into its Florida wireline infrastructure. So that isn't over just yet.

AT&T's sneaky plan to deregulate copper in Kentucky was undone by the state legislature. You have to be vigilant. I just got an email from the FTTH is supporting the death of copper. I unsubscribed. As ratepayers and taxpayers, we have paid the telcos for a DS3 to every home twice over. Instead we have expensive broadband - brought to you by cable! With caps, meters, etc. The telcos want you to buy even more expensive LTE, which is not only metered, it isn't even available everywhere! Plus it is shared! - just like they used to use against the cablecos, when they WERE competing for the broadband market.

The FTTH Council decides to make some noise for political gain - and I am done with them.


Now that the Channel Partners Expo will be the Cloud Partners show, it seems that there is a sunset on agents too. It is all cloud, all the time. That may be what you want to sell, but that isn't what people are buying or asking for!!!

Almost lost in all the news was TelePacific rolled out their Broadsoft-based Hosted PBX Suite and Star2Star just joined Intelisys.

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