What Happened to Communicating?

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What Happened to Communicating?

What happening to communications? It's falling apart. People just text, tweet, email -- and in have been conditioned to shorten and shorten that message (down to 140 characters) that we are getting brusque. Tone isn't reflected in texts, tweets and emails, so the person receiving your message may not be taking it the way you think. (I am guilty of this. My therapy is to project this onto this blog :)

Even MARCOM (marketing communications) has become about volume not value - just adding to the noise, which makes it even harder to get attention and get your message out. Press releases (about crap no one cares about), tweets, Facebook updates, yadda, yadda.

It has gotten to the point that speakers can't even tell a story. By the way, it isn't just me. This tweet this morning made me laugh.


It also made me remember perhaps the worst speaker I ever saw - a SVP of Small Business at really big hardware company. He showed two commercials during his talk and read his slides to us. Talk about insulting.

The fact is that Attention is expensive. The way to get it is to ask Permission. That permission comes in the form of giving you my email or phone number or buying a ticket to your event. I am trading my time, attention and sometimes dollars to listen.

In exchange, you have to give me some value. Tell me a story. Give me some insight. have a conversation.

See that is getting difficult. Look in any restaurant, people have their cellphones out - talking, texting, updating - everything but just enjoying the face-to-face interaction.

We live in an amazing time but everyone is miserable (ask Louis CK). A lot of it may be due to we talk at people not not with them.

,p>I will be keynoting at FISPA Live in New Orleans on April 30th. I intend to give value first, but if I don't, just tell me.

I will also be speaking at IGNITE Tampa # 3 on April 25. That you do not want to miss!

If you can't catch me live, join this webcast: "Selling Cloud Services An Agent Puts His Head in the Clouds" on Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 11 AM ET

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