4 Companies Own the Network

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4 Companies Own the Network

Susan Crawford "argues that the airwaves, the cable systems and even access to the Internet itself have been overtaken by monopolists who resist innovation and chronically overcharge consumers. She explained that wired and wireless connections, building blocks of modern life, are now essentially controlled by four companies." TWC, Comcast, ATT, VZ. Who would disagree?

The full story is in this NYT piece.

VZ is already cutting out the copper -- and the competition with it. How do you cut copper to move to wireless AND complain that you don't have enough spectrum AND have a stockpile of spectrum that you are selling to smaller rural cellcos to build your network for you????

I blame the FCC, Brand-X, COMPTEL and CLEC's for this mess.

The FCC because they never did their job due to politics. No excuses. Most FCC Chairs were puppets of the Administration and laid down on the job.

Brand-X was the dumb ISP that took the landmark case that basically was the end of wholesale in 2004.

COMPTEL for not admitting that their legislative and lobbying efforts were fruitless -- and accepting that to mean that they would have to try other avenues -- but they never did. As I have written before, how does COMPTEL not have a VoIP exchange, NNI's, a lit building database, and an Ethernet exchange??

CLECs who only looked at short term gains instead of a long term plan to dominate a region. UNE-P was supposed to help CLEC's gain a foothold then move to facilities. Did many do that? NO!

Did COMPTEL or any CLEC win any spectrum auctions - or even try to? Sprint if you put them in that bucket.

MDU, MTU, Hotels, campuses - all early opportunities for CLECs that they missed because they were trying to sell T1's any where they could.

Lesson: by buying wholesale for so long, you turned into an addict and your pusher not only doesn't like you, he doesn't need you either.

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