Level3 Channel Chief Steps Down

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Level3 Channel Chief Steps Down

A memo went out to channel partners this evening from Karl Strohmeyer, GVP, NA Enterprise Sales at Level(3) that Mike Jerich was leaving L3.


It is with mixed feelings that I announce Mike Jerich is leaving Level 3 to pursue an outside opportunity. I say "mixed" as he has shown great leadership integrating and building the program to what it has become today; however, he has an opportunity to further expand his career. I appreciate the strong commitment and expertise he has delivered and wish him all the best in his new chapter.

Effective immediately, Garrett Gee will be interim Indirect Channel lead responsible for all aspects of the Indirect Channel until a new channel head is named. We are dedicated to bringing in the right caliber of talent to lead the Partner Program and plan to do so thoughtfully.

The Indirect Channel team will continue to strive towards providing a superior service and support experience. Level 3 will further invest in the channel and we are committed to improving the quality of service and experience."

More and more channel moves. Is it because sales are getting harder to come by or because internal organizations are so siloed and messed up that it is too frustrating to work within these orgs?

No word on where Jerich is going but good luck to him.

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