Serving the Volleyball

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Serving the Volleyball

One more volleyball sport reference if you don't mind. In volleyball, serving is the only time that you have total control over the play and the action. The two factors to improving your serving are visualization and practice.


Obviously, the more you practice, the better your muscle memory gets, the better the serve gets.

Now visualization is two-fold. It is what you see in your mind's eye and whet you tell yourself. So if you can visualize how the action should go, it will likely happen. Visualization allows you to focus too.

What you tell yourself matters. If you stand at the service line thinking "Don't Miss. Don't Miss." You are going to miss. It's the wrong way to talk to yourself. You should be talking to yourself in the positive - "Serve it to that person. I will serve it to that spot."

In business (and in life), we don't put nearly enough emphasis on the way we talk to ourselves and on what we visualize. Top athletes do, but then they have a coach.

Did you know that top executives also have coaches? Some business people treat business like a sport; thus, they have trainers, coaches, and a team of support personnel to help them to success.

My coach used to say that Wealth is a team sport - you can't do it alone.

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