Some Tidbits About Cloud

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Some Tidbits About Cloud

Carbonite says that SMB accelerates -

Comcast opened a Cloud Services Marketplace, which sells cloud services like Carbonite data backup.

Apparently, cloud services brokerage is growing as Citrix just launched a program for cloud aggregators. There is even a referral and affiliate program with Citrix. I think this represents the cloud being like CLECs, "Please anyone sell my stuff!!! Please!"

Interesting tidbit, the global CRM market grew faster than other software and 40% of that market is SAAS, according to Gartner.

Rackspace has 50 employees devoted to the channel.

EarthLink sales dipped this quarter due to the sales cycle. "Our bookings in the second half of 2012 were soft as we saw extended customer decision cycles despite a growing sales pipeline that we've talked to everybody about. This caused the 2013 entry point and resulting financial guidance for this year to be lower than many of us had hoped it would be," according to EarthLink CEO. It demonstrates that hype is still growing, but sales are slow to come. I think the low hanging fruit is and will continue to be low cost, because integration, productivity and business outcomes are difficult to deliver, deploy, implement and show on a spreadsheet.


Good article about the Year of Hell for a SAAS CEO.

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