VAD's Becoming CSB's

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VAD's Becoming CSB's

I just like using acronyms. A VAD is a value added distributor like Tech Data, SYNNEX, Arrow, Ingram Micro and Insight. Like Dell and Microsoft, these companies have to shift their business model to adjust for a decline in hardware and software sales. Everything is going Cloud. Ask anyone ;)

The move then is to dominate the SAAS world in a similar manner. To do so means converting to distributing software-as-a-service services. in other words, becoming a cloud services broker (CSB).

Insight just signed up 8x8 for cloud communications. You can see from their catalog that Insight offers a wide selection of SAAS - box, dinCloud, McAffe, Office365, yadda yadda.

One stop shopping for cloud software services. VAR's can now represent a bunch of SAAS products just like they did with hardware products.

With all of the cloud confusion in the marketplace, there is an opportunity for the channel to be the educator.

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