What Does Your Customer Want?

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What Does Your Customer Want?

A great read in INC magazine. What does your customer want? "The reason that they're turning to you and your firm is that they're stuck and need your help. Therefore, you must be able to bring something new to the table."

Most CLECs have an extensive catalog of services. Maybe too extensive for the average sales person. Opportunities get missed.

What companies want from the consultative salesperson is someone who LISTENS, not just for buying signs, but about the outcomes the business needs and how the solutions will affect the business.

Cloud services are not just replacement services. Cloud changes the way information is stored and accessed. It many cases, cloud services mean a change in how employees work. Are you able to explain these changes? Will there be training? Is there online help? Will there be a project manager or point person before and after the sale?

"It's not enough to "connect the dots" between customer needs and your company's offering. You must also connect with the individuals who will be affected by your offering, and understand how buying from you will satisfy their personal needs, like career advancement and job security." Well said, Geoffrey James.

BTW, sales training live in Atlanta on July 22, 2013.

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