7 Reasons for Cloud Video

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7 Reasons for Cloud Video

I just started a consulting gig with Vidtel for channel sales enablement. It is my first real jump into video. I get to work with Alex Doyle and Scott Wharton, so this is an exciting gig. Off to INFOCOMM tomorrow in Orlando - a week long international conference for all things A/V.

I have been speaking with channel partners about Vidtel (which is primarily sold via channel partners). I am learning the various reasons to use video conferencing. Larry Lisser was the first person I worked with to insist on video calls. This is the next step.

Skype, Google Hangout, and other consumer video chats work fine for what they are, but most businesses want business grade video (just like they want business class voice and HD Voice when they can get it).

Tele-Medicine is the biggest reason for video conferencing. The Australian and the US governments have a bunch of programs around video conferencing for medicine/healthcare.

Dan Hoffman, former CEO of M5, said that the idea of office is changing for mid-sized and larger companies. When offices go away, video chat and video conferencing play a key role in team dynamics, collaboration and communications. Less travel, less office commercial office space. I wonder which coworking space in Tampa will be the first to have a video conference room!

Sales calls can be done at your desk with video. Eye to eye. Face to face. People pay more attention during a video call or conference than they do on a webinar or phone call. They pay attention!! Isn't that alone worth video?

Not just closing a sale but relationship building and maintenance can be improved with video calls. Face to face beats email and texts.

Hiring is expensive, so why not cut some recruiting costs by using a video conference after the phone screen? Why fly the candidate out there, when you can get a very good impression via business grade video? Other types of Interviews can be handled by video as well.

Of course, distance learning uses video conferencing. Education is a good market for video conferencing. A segment of that is using video for tutoring. There was an app at Startup Camp Comm for Faceboook to allow for bringing a tutor into your study group. You can do this without FB.

Another segment close to tutoring is Mentoring and Coaching. I have had several coaches for business and life and several master mind groups. Both the coaching and the master mind calls would be enhanced by video. face to face for reactions - and to ensure a high level of attention and participation.

So there are seven reasons to use any-to-any cloud video to enhance communications.

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