9 Years Ago

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9 Years Ago

In May of 2004, Seth Godin asked a question:

Five years from now... Assume that: Hard drive space is free. Wifi like connections are everywhere. Connections speeds are 10 to 100 times faster. Everyone has a digital camera. Everyone carries a device that is sort of like a laptop, but cheap and tiny.

He got that right. All that did come true. Not many people did anything with that though. Facebook, Salesforce, Amazon, Apple and Google. Not too many others.

Certainly not Kodak or IBM or Xerox or Yahoo. It was the unknowns, the underdogs.

One reason is that in an established business, turning the ship is too hard. Momentum and fear keep that ship on course. Even if they put on the brakes, inertia would propel them forward for miles. Maybe right past the turn.

Seth Godin continued that post:

"The number of new products introduced every day is five times greater than now. Wal-Mart's sales are three times as big. Any manufactured product that's more than five years old in design sells at commodity pricing. The retirement age will be five years higher than it is now. Your current profession will either be gone or totally different. What then?

We are in commodity times in the IT/telecom sphere.

There is so much noise from the launch of "new" services and apps plus all the BS in the "news" that attention is nearly impossible to get.

Marketing has changed. The Internet has altered or killed a number of industries.

It's all about mobile now. How can we get space on that mobile device and screen? What a dumb way to look at things. When every thing has changed, why are we still thinking the same way? Why when everything has been turned upside down do we still do things the same way?

It's like we have learned anything new since 2004.

BTW, today was Seth Godin's 5000 blog post. That is a huge accomplishment. Congrats!


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