Evolution of the White Board

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Evolution of the White Board

I am at INFOCOMM this week, which is the big audio/video show. It is interesting to see the way white boards have evolved.

Clary makes a white board called Icon that is a 32" 60" TV with touch screen, a cart, a camera, speakers, and it runs win7. It is a PC, a TV monitor, a white board, and a video conferencing unit all on wheels.

InFocus makes a mondopad which is a 55" screen running win8 and Office apps along with video conferencing and whiteboarding. You can even annotate Office documents and email the screen shot.

These devices (I don't want to call them gadgets although they are cool tech) are under $10K. Both use Vidtel for the video conferencing. Vidtel has me in their booth this week at the expo.

I remember being at a Tech Data show for XO and seeing Hitachi unveil its electronic white board. I was astounded. Nice tech, cool idea or expensive toy??? Today, with all the added functionality, meetings should be better. It's step away from Power Point, right?

Think of how much better a presentation can be with a white board, touch screen, computer and video calling center all wrapped together. Of course, now the users have to catch up to the tech, which means they have to get better at presenting info/data than slide after slide.

If I had a Clary Icon in my house, I would use it all the time. I would do cooking shows, training, webinars, live video calls all day long. (It's on a cart, so it can go from room to room). Maybe I should do a Kickstarter for the $7K. Anyone want to chip in?

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