Channel Reboots

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Channel Reboots

InterNAP is bringing back their channel. After they burned it to the ground, they are counting on the channel to come back any way because the money is green. Try to remember that evergreen - even in plain language on your contract - is only enforceable if you have enough balls and bucks to sue for enforcement. will be launching a channel program in September at CP Expo. Remember that Bandwidth also had a channel that they closed, too.

Verizon re-launched their VZB channel with a Terremark component and the ability to sell VCE (the Broadsoft UC service that integrates with Google Apps*). It seems that they pay 50% of the commission upfront. This will be helpful for VARs since they are used to big ticket (read: hardware) sales that allow for cash flow. AT&T pays its agents upfront too.

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