If You Are Getting Beat on Price

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If You Are Getting Beat on Price

If you have ever said that you got beat on price, then you aren't really selling. Or at least not selling on Value.

Sure, you presented a proposal, but did you do discovery? Did you ask open ended questions, probing questions? Did you discern the pain point? Or did you talk the entire time?

A lot of agents, VARs, CLEC's, ILECs, cable companies and cellcos sell on price, leaving them with the problem of how do I raise revenue. When you get in a price war, profit goes out the window. Revenues dip.

I presented this morning on How to Sell Against the Competition. Never month I will be presenting How to Double Sales at ITEXPO in Vegas.

You have o be creative and innovative.

You have to design a bundle that provides Value and then explain that Value.

No one cares about the technology. They care about Outcomes and Results

We are sitting in the middle of a field of opportunity. Technology has outpaced not just the consumers, but the people that work in tech companies too (especially the sales force).BYOD, Managed Print, Document Management, Collaboration, Cloud Services, Security, Privacy, and UC are all opportunities for you.

Your job is to make the technology invisible. To make it Simple. Do that and it isn't about price any more.

Create a bundle that is different than everyone and price won't matter.

Talk to your customers, your partners, your employees. Get feedback. Use that feedback to remove friction points. Make it easier to do business with you.

Nemertes did a study that showed that real Trusted Advisors get their phone calls and voicemails returned. Why? They provide ideas, innovation, knowledge, creativity to their customers.

Whining about price is annoying. Do something about by having better conversations with your prospects and customers.

Then provide some value.

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