Summer Reading List

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Summer Reading List


Last week I gave a presentation on How to Compete to ISP and CLEC owners at the AT&T HQ in Atlanta. I recommended two books: Poke the Box by Seth Godin and Do the Work by Steven Pressfield. I would suggest reading Seth Godin's other books, like Tribes, Permission Marketing, Linchpin.

My kindle is full and I have a stack of books to read this summer. Here are my suggestions.

Last year, I wrote about Brad Thor's book, Black List, a spy novel with all too real insights into our military-industrial complex. His next book is out: Hidden Order.

Hugh MacLeod's new ebook is out, Authenticity Is The New Bullshit. A free ebook about How Not to Suck!

FreshBooks is an accounting software for SMBs. They put out an ebook, Breaking the Time Barrier, about how to charge what you are worth. (It isn't about time but Value and Outcome.)

I'm also reading CompTIA's State of the Channel Study on channel conflict.

The Cloud Comm Alliance put out an ebook about selling cloud comm to enterprise. I think my book, SELLECOM2, is better :)

The Small Business Lifecycle: a Guide for Taking the Right Steps at the Right Time by Charlie Gilkey. It's about the 4 stages of a business and what is needed at each stage. Dry like a textbook but good info.

I love spy novels and mysteries. I am reading a lot of Lawrence Block right now. Just got Daniel Silva's new book, The English Girl, in the mail. Brad Thor reminded me that Vince Flynn, another great author in the same vein as Brad Thor, Barry Eisler and Daniel Silva, died in June. A lot of my favorite authors have passed away. Either I am getting old or they are dying young.

What are you reading?

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