Channel Sales Enablement Part 4: Obstacles

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Channel Sales Enablement Part 4: Obstacles

When performing channel sales enablement, there are often obstacles. Here is a look at a few of the obstacles.

The Product Manager can be a help or a hindrance. Success of the product depends upon sales, but sometimes control of the product gets in the way of sales.

The mind share of the sales force is a requirement. Not only does the sales force have to be aware of your product, they have to understand it and how it benefits customers -- and most important where it is best used. Products are tools to heal the pain of customers (in a simple case). The best way to get mind share is to make the product benefits concrete and vivid.

Sales Compensation is a carrot and a stick for management. If your product has a low MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price), it is likely that the compensation for selling it is going to be low as well. In some cases, the compensation may mean that the sales force won't be bothered. It would have to be frictionless to sell and operate smoothly so as not to add a hurdle to a larger purchase that the salesperson is working on with the client.

Enabling sales through a channel means navigating around these obstacles.

More to come.

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