Do You Have the Right Sales Team?

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Do You Have the Right Sales Team?

Thinking Phones sells to the mid-market of 300 to 1000 employees. VBrick sells six and seven figure video distribution systems. EarthLink sells everything from email to T1's to VPS. AVER is in the sub-$1000 video conferencing devices.

Do they have the right salespeople in place to sell their products? Do they attract the right channel partners to sell their products? The same salesperson that can transact a sale for $500 is not going to be motivated or successful selling $500,000 systems. The same whale hunter that just wants to track, hunt and kill a million dollar deal will not be able to sell the $1000 hardware.

Salespeople good at selling $10K hardware is going to find it a challenge to shift to selling $500 per month cloud services. The compensation is different. The deployment is different. Everything about it is different.

This is the challenge every business is facing today.

Pair up your sales teams with the product or services that they will be motivated and successful selling.

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