2 Week 19 Thoughts

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2 Week 19 Thoughts

As I head home (thanks Gogo Internet) from week 19 of travel this year, I was reviewing one of my moleskin notebooks because I scribble a lot of notes (and then forget to write them up - or just don't have time.)

"Access to broadband Internet is systematically necessary for the foundation of economics."

I think that was a TEDx Manchester Village quote, although it sounds like something Seth Godin would say also. The US Government hasn't come to grips with the fact that the new economy revolves around and on the Internet. As you screw with that - with privacy and security concerns - you screw with our economic survival.

Some parts of the globe don't have running water or sewage, but Internet Access is more important!

"I can use this to change my life!" <- We need to think like that more often!

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