Backing Up Terabytes

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Backing Up Terabytes

I get asked often how a data backup will work when it is Terabytes. Even on a 10MB x 10MB pipe, 2 TB of data is going to take some time. It takes 16 hours on USB 2.0 which is about 53MBps throughput.

Green Cloud Technologies will ship you a NAS and secure hard drives. First, you attach the NAS to your LAN where it will backup the data (or hard drives) that you need backed up. Once the NAS is set, the secure drives are attached to duplicate the NAS. Then the drives are sent to the data center, where it will be hooked up and used as the backup drive for the seed for the service.

After de-duplication and compression, only incremental backups from there.

That's the easy way to do the big backups.

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