Big Changes Afoot at XO

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Big Changes Afoot at XO

Email went out yesterday to all the partners from XO Channel head, Shane

"I want to inform you that Tom Gorey, Vice President Strategic Alliances and Business Development, will be leaving XO on November 1st. Since joining XO in 2005, Tom developed new go-to-market strategies and contributed to building significant growth within the Channel at XO. Tom has been instrumental in driving the development of the foundation and programs that led to the award winning XO Business Partner Channel in place today. I would like to personally thank Tom for his contributions and wish him success in the future. Please join me in thanking Tom and wishing him well."

I worked with Tom when we were forming TCA. He really believes in the Channel. I hope he gets scooped up by someone looking to build a channel friendly program.

Word on the street is that changes are afoot at XO. Not just letting Gorey go, but also getting a new CEO while shifting the indirect channel sales support. From what I hear, more direct folks will be supporting partners.

It is a company that has struggled for years under the ownership of Carl Icahn. So many rounds of layoffs, I am surprised anyone would want to work under those circumstances. It has to be stressful - waiting for a pink slip or an S-1 filing that an LOI has been signed (then a pink slip). Just drifting along. It doesn't make for a confident choice for a partner to put a big customer in.

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