When the Fun Left Telecom

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When the Fun Left Telecom

Speaking with a telecom buddy today who is on a job search. We were talking about the industry - the layoffs, the chase to the cloud, the declining prices and revenue. One rule has remained the same: Have Fun!

Entrepreneurs are told to follow their passion. (Fun). If you do it right work and play are the same thing.

Start-ups during the dot-com boom had foosball and other games, beer taps, maassages, etc. - all kinds of fun gimmicks - to help recruit.

In sales, trainers will mention that prospects can smell desperation. And no one wants to deal with desperate, depressed, or angry people. It creates stress.

One of my volleyball pals told me that his buddies would go to a bar and act like they were having the time of their life - and the girls would come to them. Fun is attractive. (Fun and Smart is sexy, according to Ashton Kutcher).

Instead of focusing on the money, focus on the fun, the win-win, the customer - anything but the money. When the fun left telecom, so did the money. Today, most telcos aren't any fun to work at any more (according to comments on boards like TelecomRamblings or Glassdoor) - maybe even less fun to deal with as a customer - and the money isn't there either. Coincidence?

How many companies cap a salesperson's commission? The answer is too many. How many companies worry about the commission line on the P&L statement and are angry to write a check for six figures to an agent? The answer is again too many.

We have one life. "If you can't be Happy, what else is there?" Les Brown.

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