Email Encryption on the Rise?

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Email Encryption on the Rise?

Glenn Greenwald is the reporter that broke the Snowden story this year. Greenwald stated that the biggest outcome of the story in 2013 is that more email is encrypted than before.

PGP was created in 1991, per Wikipedia. 22 years later, businesses are catching on.

If cloud providers wanted to differentiate themselves in 2014, adding encryption to email and data storage as well as hyped up security and privacy would be the way. And you could charge for this luxury.

PGP is not only free, it is open source, which means it is no cost, but probably requires some hand holding to get going. That hand holding is where the gold is. Can you say Managed Services? The $300 Billion pot of gold.

Personally, I haven't noticed an increase in PGP. It could be that my email is benign. Or it could be that the NSA flags encrypted emai. I also haven't installed it because I'm too lazy to take the time to figure it out. (See I need an MSP).


New HIPAA/HITECH rules went into effect in 4Q2013. Cbeyond passed its exam for compliance for these rules. The money is still in healthcare, since not everyone has gone to electronic records or payments yet. Security, encryption, privacy -- buzz words that can mean money for the right service provider in 2014. Just make sure you spell it HIPAA, because when I see HIPPA, I know that you are clueless!

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