Sales Tip: Focus on Outcomes

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Sales Tip: Focus on Outcomes

Two articles today - here and here - that talk about SAAS and outcomes. In other words, customers aren't buying SAAS for the service but what the service will produce. As I have been saying all year: it isn't the app or the widget or the network; it is all about what people do with it. Focus on the outcome.

Sales is changing. Not just what is being bought, but how it is purchased, by whom, and why.

If your sales are stalled, it's likely because they don't believe you; you talked about saving money; and they can't see the value in the change.

For an SMB to migrate to cloud is a big step. There is anxiety around it. What's the value in them making that change?

Talk about what it means to be the user of that service. Show value. Build trust. Focus on outcomes.

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