Just Plain Craziness - and Charter-TWC

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Just Plain Craziness - and Charter-TWC

I reside in Tampa, where a retired police office shot a man to death in a movie theater at a matinee over the man texting during the movie. Then a Georgia sheriff holds a kid at gunpoint because the line was moving too slow at McDonalds. The world is going crazy.

I expect the DC circuit to side with Corporations like Comcast (in 2010) and Verizon (today). I mean it's no surprise that everything in DC is to make more money for the Corporations at the expense of the consumer and taxpayer.

Google buying Nest for $3.2 billion makes me shake my head over and over. Snapchat getting a $3 billion offer that they turn down makes me shake my head.

Target's data breach just adds to the craziness. It's like nothing makes sense anymore from my upbringing in the 1970-80's mindset.

Then there is the tiny Charter bidding to buy TW Cable for $37 billion in cash and stock (and debt!). There is already too much debt in the cable space. This will add to the debt without adding any value to the consumer. "The cash portion of Charter's latest offer is expected to be financed by as much as $25 billion in debt the company arranged in recent weeks, people familiar with the matter have said. Given Charter and Time Warner Cable's existing debt, these extra borrowings would mean the combined company would have a total debt burden of around $64 billion. Such a debt pile would likely cost Time Warner Cable its investment grade credit rating, analysts have said." [source]

It's a consolidation play pure and simple. John Malone at Liberty Media has always been a cable cowboy. He bought a 27% stake in Charter for $2.6 billion to push for this move. TWC pushed back saying, "Time Warner Cable says it would agree to be acquired for $160 per share or about $75 billion including debt." That's $13 billion more than the current offer.

And what are they getting? TWC is a patchwork of cable systems throughout the country. It reminds me of the regions that Verizon sold off in Western KY, New England and others to Frontier.

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