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Pay to Play

One common question, "How do you get listed in a research study?" My answer: It's pay to play. And people look at me, thinking, "What a cynic." Well, I am rather cynical, but that doesn't mean what I said wasn't true.

Take a look at any research study about UCaaS or some other buzzword service. Is it a comprehensive list of the true players in the space? Or is it a select list but with a few names that make you crease your brow and go Huh?!.

When I see a UCaaS study and all of the hardware PBX guys are listed but a handful of true cloud providers are missing, especially West IP or members of the Cloud Comm Alliance - I make the assumption that it is pay to play OR the object of the study was to lean to premise. If it was a commissioned study, I want to know who paid for it. If it was a product that the research house is selling, then I have to wonder how relevant it can be.

I see companies and people go crazy over awards from a business journal or what have you. Why? Well, validation for one thing, especially if you are looking for investors. The best validation? Customer testimonials and sales.

It's kind of a shame that everything is for sale. It's a bigger shame that the general public doesn't know it.

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