There's No Such Thing as Free

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There's No Such Thing as Free

There are costs to delivering service. There really isn't a free. I get asked a lot about WebRTC. It's a free client for video conferencing. In a way, yes it is. As long as the media server can recognize the WebRTC client (Chrome browser), the call should work.

But having used WebRTC with people (users), I can tell you that there is a support cost associated with the free WebRTC. There is a support cost with everything.

Speaking with Amdocs yesterday about support and customer experience, we discussed the costs with inactivity from the service provider (to fix problems); and the high cost of support of advanced devices (like smartphones).

A service provider was discussing the costs of a third party softphone. It was high. Well, there are costs to not having a mobile app. There are also costs associated with a cheaper alternative.

There are plenty of free options, but would you run your business off them? Is it mission critical? Does that technology scale? How much will it cost to deploy that cheaper alternative and to integrate it into your current business environment?

There are costs. Whether the costs are in software dev, engineering, hardware, software licensing, or support costs, there are always costs associated with service delivery.

There are also costs associated with not delivering.

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