Channel Sales is Like Dating

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Channel Sales is Like Dating

As exhibitors get ready for the CP Expo in Vegas this week, they need to remember that selling through the channel is like dating.

And the first date is everything. That first date is the first order that the channel partner places. He trusted you enough to make the sale. Now you have to make sure that the date (order) goes smoothly.

Communication is key in dating and in the order process.

There are a bunch of elements in dating that can go wrong. Did you pick the right restaurant. If she is a vegetarian, maybe the chop house wasn't smart. Did you text or call to ask her out? Are you meeting there or picking her up? Did you tell her what you would be wearing so she has an idea of how to dress?

In the channel partner "date", the quoting, paperwork, provisioning, deploying, and on-boarding processes are always to WOW your "date", the channel partner - and also ways to scare him or her off.

When was the last time you audited the process or secret shopped your own company?

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