Speculations in the Hallway

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Speculations in the Hallway

A bunch of speculations running rampant through the expo hallways.

Will the FCC approve the Comcast-TWC merger? Two items. One, after Comcast forced Netflix to pay for transit, how does that affect how the FCC views Comcast and Net Neutrality? Two, the FCC's new Chairman hasn't made any big decisions yet. This will be his biggest. It will set the tone. And all this AFTER you tell Sprint/Softbank that they shouldn't think about buying T-Mobile.

So what happens to Cogent? That's right, Cogent was the ISP for Netflix, but its continued peering disputes may well mean nothing but trouble for its customers. Cogent was in trouble when Megaupload shut down. How will the Netflix-Comcast transit purchase affect Cogent revenue?

And does this mean that Netflix will have to buy transit from VZ, ATT, TWC, et al??? What does that do to its numbers?

Does this mean that Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Prime and other video sites will have to buy transit too?

Does this mean when ABC or HBO go OTT, they will have to pay for transit? That's different than the model now of getting paid for carriage -- about 180 degrees different!!

When will Tech Data or Ingram Micro buy a Master Agent (and which one)?

Will there be more acquisitions since there is already way too much debt and not too many bankers willing to lend billions cheaply?

What happens to EarthLink, Cbeyond, XO?

Will the layoffs at Windstream be enough? Most of the savings went to pay the FCC for not completing rural phone calls.

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