ISPs and Content

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ISPs and Content

Your top MSO's are also your biggest ISPs. Your top MSO's are already in the content arena with the TV stations they own (mainly sports stations, but Bright House owns news stations and Comcast owns NBCU!)

Comcast is effectively in the content gatekeeper toll booth space after the Netflix paid peering deal.

I have noticed that some newspapers are trying to put up a pay wall. I have no idea how effective it has been. I read a lot but I have yet to pay for news content. It may become necessary soon, because I think the paid-for-by-advertising model is falling apart.

With all the data breaches, do I want to be paying for all these subscriptions online and letting a newspaper safeguard my credit card info? Probably not. They probably don't spend a lot on security. Plus the more times you use your credit card online, the likelihood of a breach goes up (at least, to my thinking).

What if the ISPs were to add a subscription to news to the Internet bill? Adding $5 per month for access to news seems like it would be a small thing. It would be a big thing for the ISP, since it means you get closer to making money on content. (Remember when ISPs had their own start page with news and links and ads and a button for webmail?)

It's just a thought, since Hilton Hotels provide access to USA Today online with your paid Internet access fee.

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