The Rather Silly But Sirius Sales Process

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The Rather Silly But Sirius Sales Process

Pandora, SiriusXM, Rdio, Spotify, IHeartRadio, Deezer, Xbox Music, Google Play All Access, iTunes Match and so many more apps competing for the same audience. Even AT&T is in the game with Beats Music for $10 per month. It seems that $9.99 per month - or an annual rate under $39.99 - is the ideal price point. You can get more but it has to be a family plan or multi-device plan.

With this crowded of a field, there will be factors that position you better. For instance, playlists, especially suggested playlists for workouts, seems to be a highlight for many. Another is the catalog of music. (Many complain that some services are more like public radio stations repeating the same 25 songs all day.)

For me, SiriusXM radio is a nice to have because no commercials.(What does that say to advertisers that TV and radio is annoying because of ads? It says that your attention interruption methods are out dated and suck! Get some fresh tools!) I like Pearl Jam radio and Pulse. You get 6 months free with the car purchase. Then it's renewal time. Mailings, emails, phone calls about renewing your service. The offers are all over the map - from $10 per month to $30+ - with savings this and savings that. I signed up for another 6 months on a credit card I was going to cancel anyway because auto-renewal (at a higher rate) was part of the deal.

So now its letters, calls, emails and the haggling begins anew. SiriusXM called me last week and didn't even give me a chance to say "I can't talk now." I called to cancel today. After 10 minutes of hold (with annoying hold messages), I got 4 offers in 5 minutes. I have to ask. Why?

Why do folks dislike shopping for a new car? Haggling. What makes SiriusXM think anyone would like this. They kept saying "We value you as a customer." No, you don't. You value the revenue. Plain and simple, you want my wallet.

I just don't understand this sales tactic in this day and age. What's funnier is their social media team telling me that they don't have any promotions at this time. Really? So what were those 4 offers on the phone?


You have to have more than just a billing arrangement with your customer. There is too much competition today. If you aren't engaging your customers, then you end up a commodity.

Think about the investment: SiriusXM had to negotiate with the car manufacturer to get its radio installed. It then has to give away 6 months of service to hook people (after an arduous turn on process). Then it chooses to annoy the prospect instead of engaging some discovery. "Hi, you just had 6 months of service with SiriusXM. What's your favorite station?" You could then suggest other channels before easing into the renewal. Why do it that way? Why do they want you to take a test drive? So you will picture owning it. You want the customer to re-live the ownership experience so you can separate him from his money.

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