Telecom Transitions in Rural America

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Telecom Transitions in Rural America

I notice that with the changes to the USF program (transition from paying for voice lines to broadband); the end of broadband stimulus dollars; the end of inter-carrier compensation; and the TDM-to-IP transition the IOC (independent telephone companies) community is in a huge state of flux. It's federal funding is dwindling while it has to make big shifts in tech and business models.

VARs, VADs, inter-connects, CLECs, even Agents have been in turmoil as business models have had to morph. The entire telecom ecosystem is shifting. And it is a difficult shift.

The move to cloud means that the sales process changes. Migrating to cloud communications means selling solutions instead of replacement products. This is tougher than you think - just ask Cbeyond, XO or EarthLink.

The NTCA as well as the NCTC have to step up to do more than lobbying. It will have to step in to help some of these smaller telcos to make the transition.

ANPI is in a similar situation. With a history of being a voice termination buying group for its IOC owners, ANPI is trying to make the transition to a white-label hosted VoIP provider.

ANPI isn't the only telecom company with a legacy line of business. It's kind of a theme in telecom today. How do you replace Telco 1.0 with Telecom 3.0 revenue fast enough to not go broke?

Buying content companies; OTT; apps; cellular; fixed wireless; fiber; Hosted VoIP; home security and automation; TV; managed IT; and other possible products to add to the catalog to replace wireline revenue.

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