Why Marketing Matters

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Why Marketing Matters

Wed. morning at the FISPA event in Atlanta I will be presenting on Why Marketing Matters, followed closely by a Q&A session with Bullseye Telecom's Tim Basa on Sales & Marketing.

You can see the slides HERE. The main point: today marketing is everything. It is internal and external communication. It is verbal and non-verbal communications. (A dirty technician that smells like smoke makes an impression.),/p>

Every company I deal with worries about BIG. It isn't about BIG. It is about Good to Great and Profitable. Wal-Mart started out in 1950s very different than today. Remember when it was all about US made goods? It wasn't always the super store chanting about low prices (and low wages and disgruntled employees with disenchanted communities).

Marketing today is one-to-one. Hopefully you are even in that conversation because how people buy and decide is so very different today.

It's an 8:30 talk and I am not a morning person, but the people in that room are going to get verbally punched in the face and leave that room re-thinking their business. As a speaker that is the minimum I want them to do: Think, Ponder, then Act.


I think my slide deck on retail is pretty good too - and it can apply to any business

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