It's TruPhone's World

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It's TruPhone's World

Rich Tehrani ran TruPhone's service through the real world lab after doing an interview with them [here].

I don't travel internationally (domestic travel is enough of a pain in the ass to deal with. Don't get me started.) But the TruPhone World plan is a cool idea: 1 SIM card for 66 countries for voice, text and data. Boom!

I won't say it redefines mobile comm, but it is a marvel to think of all the coordination that this company had to do to get all of the MVNO deals in place to make this work in 66 countries with 100 MVNO contracts. I have been working with just US MVNO contracts and I want to punch the cellcos, so I can't imagine doing it globally. It's a lot of effort and coordination.

There isn't MMS btw, because only 40 of 850 cellcos offer MMS.

TruPhone is using WebRTC to create a permission system with your social networks based on a social graph. If you are meeting Joe Smith and you have his office number but not his mobile and you are connected on Facebook, this permission system will allow you to call his mobile (or text). TruFind is a cool concept. (And at 2 AM I am not sure I explained it well, but it is about availability, authorization and social graph.)

Just because you are reselling someone else's network - as a CLEC or an MVNO - doesn't mean that you can't re-think the space you are in and add real value to the customers. (I said value not save them some $$).

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