Many Moves

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Many Moves

Softbank is ready to announce that it is merging with T-Mobile. It seems that Softbank CEO, which owns most of Sprint, went around the FCC by buying the German parent company. CP is reporting that "SoftBank, Sprint's majority owner, has reportedly reached a "basic agreement" to buy T-Mobile USA's counterpart, Deutsche Telekom."

Integra made its second purchase in 2014 by grabbing WCI. WCI owns some network and rebills network from other carriers like Integra. WCI claims to be a next generation telecom company that builds "custom telecommunications solutions ... that deliver between 15 to 40 percent savings over traditional carriers." Integra is buying them for the vertical base of customers according to the press release.

Carrier Access, Inc, a national communication solutions provider (a master agency too), has acquired Tektivity Inc. Tektivity is a leading managed services provider (MSP) in the Eastern Iowa Corridor. This is a good move for an MSP to merge with a telecom sales agency. The agency gets tech knowledge, higher margin, and more control. The MSP gets a needed sales force. This isn't the first of this type nor the last.

Cbeyond launched its file storage service at a Microsoft partner event. Whew! Good thing because that space wasn't crowded enough - and it wasn't like they weren't already selling MozyPro and SharePoint.

The FCC revamped CAF for the second half of the year. It has dumped millions into an E-Rate for wi-fi project and the agency has set rules for Net neutrality, which startups dislike. I don't have to say it again, but maybe this agency has outlived its usefulness.

Comcast gets low marks in customer service but now it has taken a page out of AOL policy: we won't let you cancel! Boom! How's that? A tech blogger recorded his call trying to cancel his Comcast account.

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