Some Data Center M&A

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Some Data Center M&A

Zayo acquired Atlanta NAP, just in time to file its S-1 with the SEC in preparation for a public offering (aka IPO). Over the years, Zayo has acquired many Atlanta based fiber assets - such as AFS and US Carrier. The addition of AtlantaNAP and its 72000 square feet of space will go nicely with its roughly 600 route miles of metro fiber. [source]

An interesting side note about ATL-NAP: The founder, Jeff Hinckle, started in the business early (1999) on as an ISP and web hosting business. The company, GNAX, also owns and operates the Dallas NAP. GNAX also offers cloud services like IAAS, which is a nod to his roots in web hosting. It was a long road to this transaction. Congrats, Jeff!

Last week, QTS bought a NJ data center that came with a solar farm for just $75M. QTSbought it from McGraw Hill Financial who is a tenant.

Data Center space has been heating up. All that move to cloud and mobility means you have to stuff all that digital info somewhere; data centers seem like a logical spot.

Peak 10 was acquired by GI Partners in June.

Rackspace is in the rumor mill. Some noise has been made about C-Link buying Rackspace to take on AWS head-on. Other noise today suggests that Rackspace may try to go private. Fun to watch.

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