The Expanding Channel Programs

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The Expanding Channel Programs

Not only do I see more cloud service providers looking to the channel for sales, I see other channel programs expanding.


First up, is VZ opens Enterprise accounts to channel partners. I say this with caution because the history of VZ's program has always been a yo-yo.

AireSpring launched AireContact to the channel. It is a cloud contact center platform.

A couple of companies have added encryption, which means that security is making its way into buying decisions. (Or compliance audits have finally caught the eyes and ears of buyers.) BitTitan encryption for Office365, for example.

Stratus Technologies is selling its uptime platform via channel now, too.

Breaking the mold on what it means to be a cellco, T-Mobile is offering residual payments. "T-Mobile USA has expanded the participants in its program to provide residual payments to master agents and their sub-agents. So far, it has signed up PlanetOne Communications, Innovative Communication Services, Cellular Optimization, Advocate Networks, TBI and Nexlink."

This adds up to a lot of noise to pay attention to as a channel partner, but it might be time to re-vamp and/or update your services catalog. (You've probably been selling mainly the same thing for years - REFRESH!)

A lot of the additions like encryption and Enterprise fall in silos or verticals. I think that if you sell into verticals you should bring the whole enchilada - the complete soup to nuts solution. Not products, but the service, the business platform.

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