A $19B UCC Business

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A $19B UCC Business

In a CRN article, Bob Gutschenritter, director of UCC for Ingram Micro North America, was reported: "Gutschenritter said the UCC business as a whole is already a $19 billion business, with 7 percent year over year growth. He said that while Ingram Micro has approximately 40,000 transaction resellers, he estimated 10 percent of those partners are involved in UCC solutions."

Seems bigger than any estimate I have seen until you drill down to what UCC is for Ingram (or TD for that matter): PBX, video, tele-presence and primarily Cisco distributed by the VAD. I would assume that also means Microsoft Lync licenses as well.

The UC bucket has always been a shifting sand with varying definitions. In fact, the definition changes with every vendor so when you lump all the components together - conferencing (audio, web, video), PBX (Avaya, Cisco Call Manager), video & tele-presence, IM/chat, voice, probably including IAD, POE switches and QoS routers, handsets, headsets, bluetooth ear pieces, and so much more. It is a big bucket - about $19B (out of $36B in total revenue).

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