Does Signing an Agreement Make a Partnership?

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Does Signing an Agreement Make a Partnership?

Does signing the agreement make a partnership? Um, no it doesn't. Any more than using the "fog a mirror" strategy builds a proper channel.

As I have said before, channel programs are only a numbers game when the people running them think that numbers is the metric to watch. Like the number of twitter followers -- these numbers are the incorrect metric to examine.

In every case I have seen, Pareto's Principle has it wrong. It isn't 80/20; it's more like 90/10, where 10% of the partners bring in 90% of the revenue. Why have the bottom 50% in this case? Why have the bottom 50% especially if you have master agencies as partners? Roll them up.

If it was a direct sales agent, would you still keep him on?

I have had partner agreements shoved at me to sign. I have learned to wait until I have a deal in hand for the service provider. Even then, that doesn't make it a great partnership. This might be the case that I want to get paid on this one deal -- and may never have another deal for that service provider.

The ink on the agreement is just the beginning.

If the partner doesn't learn about your products - even take some training - after that contract is signed - do you think they are serious about the partnership?

Let's flip that around: if you - as a service provider - don't have a written process for on-boarding a new partner, then are you serious about your partners? Or just chasing numbers hoping to get as many leads - warm, cool, targeted, untargeted - as possible in the door?

The agreement is just a step in the partnership. What's the next step?

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