How Frictionless is the Sales Process?

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How Frictionless is the Sales Process?

On sales that are under $200, the sales process - ordering, quoting - has to be frictionless. The paperwork has to be online. E-signature has been around for a while, use it. No one wants to do paperwork for something that costs $25 per month. Think about how much paperwork there is for Dropbox or any other freemium model software.

Coding software has gotten to the point that good user experience can easily be incorporated into the design of the webpage / website. If not, check on Fiverr, there's probably someone there who can make it look nice (and easy) for you.

I'm reading Growth Hacker marketing by Ryan Holiday. It gets me thinking about how to make marketing and sales easier. The only words that come to mind are frictionless and viral. Maybe viral is wrong - network effect would be a better description. You need network effect, meaning that the more people that are connected the greater the value. The best examples are social networking sites, Instagram, WhatsApp, snapchat and file sharing/collaboration platforms like Dropbox.

Many Hosted VoIP players compare themselves to RC or 8x8. Well, how frictionless is your sales process compared to theirs? If you are going to compare anything, compare that. Like the insurance commercials, can you get a quote in 15 minutes? Can they buy in 15 minutes?

Many SPs tell me that they have a goal of 20% growth each year. As Hugh MacLeod so aptly portray's it here: Growth is not a strategy. It is a result (of a strategy). Growth is the goal. What steps do you have to take to grow?

Keith Rosen says that sales managers chief responsibility is to remove obstacles to sales. For salespeople that usually means make the sales process easier; lessen paperwork; get data entry and quoting help. How is that any different than what the customer wants?

If you want more sales, more revenue, growth, you need to remove barriers to sales. If you can convert more of your funnel, more of your targets, you don't need to chase more cuz you'll be closing more.

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