The Battle Over LERG, LNP

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The Battle Over LERG, LNP

At Comptel Plus Neustar was campaigning against the old Telecordia to keep its contract for LERG and other databases.

A little history of Neustar: in 1996, "Neustar - then the Communications Industry Services (CIS) operating unit within Lockheed Martin - won its original contract to provide local number portability services to select regions throughout North America. Since that time, Neustar has assumed LNP responsibilities for all geographic regions throughout the United States and Canada as the operator of the Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC). Neustar subsequently launched wireless number portability to much of the North American market in 2003. And in 1997, "Neustar won the contract to become the official North American Numbering Plan (NANP) administrator, a position we have held ever since. The NANP is a system of three-digit area codes and seven-digit telephone numbers that directs telephone calls to particular regions on a public switched telephone network."

Telcordia Technologies was formerly Bell Communications Research, Inc. or Bellcore, which Ericsson acquired in 2012. Telcordia Technologies, Inc. is using the dba iconectiv. Iconectiv is vying for the same contract that Neustar has.

I got to see the conflict up close at Comptel where I interviewed both companies. They took the fight to the show dailies, in dueling ads.

It even warranted an article in Politico!!! Not sure what would happen to Neustar if it loses the contract. The FCC and others favor Telcordia getting the contract. It should be interesting.

In similar news:

Verizon asked the FCC to reconcile the LERG and NECA lists of OCNs to ensure calls are accurately captured in the rural/nonrural categories and covered providers categorize them consistently in their call completion reporting.

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