What's the Difference?

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What's the Difference?

As I have been trying to add up, there has to be 2000 service providers offering some kind of Hosted VoiP. There are about 1000 ILECs of one size or another (NTCA, NCTC, ITTA) and about another 900 MSO's. In addition, the ISPs or ITSPs offering Asterisk service or using Netsapiens, Ipifony, Broad River, or other white label softswitch operator. There are 300+ Broadsoft clients in the US (main of which are ILECs and MSOs). So all total, it is about 2000 Hosted VoIP service providers pounding the pavement to sell to VoIP to residential and business customers.

You better have a real good answer to the question: Why you? Why should I buy from you?

How do you distinguish yourself? And it better not be about features or the technology, because no one cares if it is Asterisk, Meta or BSFT (blame BSFT for that).

I put that question to some HPBX providers at Microcorp's One-on-One. What did they have to say? Drop a comment or send me an email or a tweet and I will send you the PDF.

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